Safety is the top priority for SDS Tug & Barge operations.  From routine fleet maintenance to special assignments, our company, captains and crew work together to create a safe and productive work environment along the mighty Columbia River.


Captain and Crew experience is a key component of our Safety Program.  We have a team of experienced Captains that rivals any company on the Columbia River.  Several captains have been with us for more that 20 years and have the depth of skill and experience for any job on the river. Low crew turnover means consistency for us, but more importantly, a well-oiled team for our clients.


Our Captains meet all Coast Guard Continuing Education requirements. In addition, they provide consistent, regular and documented training for our deck hands and trainees to ensure a safe and skilled workforce on all vessels.

Safety Systems

We have safety systems in place to guide our responsiblities and actions in every job. We put fleet maintenance as a high priority and ensure adequate qualified crew members are available for unique jobs with unusual safety needs, be it marine construction, dredging, barging and more.

Safety Record

Thirty-plus years of exceptional safety in the tug and barge industry. Not all marine service contractors have this proven record.